Basics Of Html

What is HTML?
HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
HTML describes the structure of Web pages using markup
HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages
HTML elements are represented by tags
HTML tags label pieces of content such as "heading", "paragraph", "table", and so on
Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but use them to render the content of the page

How To Make An Undeletable Folder?

Undeletable folder is used to protect your Documents, Photos, and Videos. Normal folders are easily deleted by any users and  it will be protected by Folder Lock.  Its also helps to protect your information's by setting the password for specified folder. But that lockers file will be easily deleted, so create the undeletable folder and insert the locker file. Now your documents will be heavily protected and no one can delete that folder without your permission.

Command Prompt helps to create the undeletable folder, by using simple commands.

1. Open the Run window by pressing 'winkey +R'.
2. Type 'cmd' and click OK button.

 3. Command Prompt Dialog box appears on the screen.
4. Choose your drive to create the undeletale folder.
( For eg:  You want to create the undeletable folder in E drive. Just type E: and hit the enter button.)
5. Type 'md con\' or 'md lbt1' and hit the enter button.
6. Your folder will be created  in the specified drive and then insert your important documents.
7. Set the password for that folder by using Folder Lock.

How to Delete the folder ?

Just open the Command Prompt and type 'rd con\' or 'rd lbt1' and hit the enter button, then your folder will be deleted.

MD- Making Directory, RD- Removing Directory. This commands are helps to create the undeletable folder  in the Command Prompt.

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