Basics Of Html

What is HTML?
HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
HTML describes the structure of Web pages using markup
HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages
HTML elements are represented by tags
HTML tags label pieces of content such as "heading", "paragraph", "table", and so on
Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but use them to render the content of the page

How To Start Your Career As A Freelancer - Why? - What Is The Best Website To Start Freelancing?

Freelancing comes with it's own taste. You have to find it's good or bad for you. It's not like other jobs when you have to work on shifts, on their timing. It's your own job, no one is going to boss you here. Only you will choose when you want to work? how you want to work? even do you want to work tonight?

If you ask me i will say you should try it atleast for once. I will say don't plan a jobless life from day one, try it first. Just create an account on a freelance website and ask for jobs. It won't be very hard to find a job there, you can see a lot of requirement there just pick one which suits you. Work for your client and take your money. Then sit back and think, Is it good for you? can you do it? You will say yes if you are asked to the same job again? Are you interested in finding new jobs there? And if the answer is "Yes" then just go for it, you can make it big. I have seen a lots of freelancers earning more then $1000 a month. You may think do I earn that much amount there? No, I don't. Why? Because I do lots of jobs online, for example I have my websites to manage, I do freelancing, I build websites and fix website problems for others and i get these offers directly now. And by doing it directly i can don't need to pay commission to freelancing website to find a job for me. But may be you can't do it directly at the moment because no one knows you on the Internet so they won't find you or may not trust you from day one. I still visit freelancing websites and try to find some work when I get some free time. So my advice will be, if you love to earn money online just give it a try.

Which website you should choose to start your career?

In my opinion you should start with This website is pretty simple according to me. The best part is they will accept you when you sign up. Some sites will take some time and may reject you if you are new. You won't get any difficulties to understand how it works. But soon I will create a post to show you how it works, I will Show it in a step by step guide. And that's not all, if you sign up on this website (After May 15.2018) you will get $20 (Rs. 1300) just for signing up. But to get this bonus you must sign up using This Link. Now you may think will i get anything if you sign up with this link? Yes I will, they will pay me $20 if you spend $50.

Can You Make Your Career In Freelance?

Yes you can,  if you are a writer,  blogger,  designer,  photographer or anything to do with freelancing.

You  Should Take Care Of These Little Things ::-

  • Dealing With Clients:- Whenever you get a job, you need to interact with him/her for pricing, job requirement and other information related to the project. Just remember every client won't be the same. You will be able to satisfy some clients with ease while on the other hand you will find some hard clients. You won't be able to satisfy them no matter what you do. So before you start this you need to learn how to keep calm and take all the criticism. Or else you won't be able to make it big here.

  • Money Matters:- As I said earlier, don't leave your job straight away. I believe money is one of the most important thing in you need in your life. Many will say love, but i say love is important but it won't feed you. So think again before you quit your job, and leave it only if you are satisfied with this new job (Freelancing). Once you are fine to start with it you need to be confident about your work. You need to understand how much you should charge for that particular project. If you charge too much they will find another freelancer to save their money, everyone does. And if you are charging a very low amount they might think you can't do it, they may loose confidence in you. So think before you say.

  • Planing:- No matter what you are doing in your life, planing is very important. You need to plan everything.  And in freelancing you need to plan all your work. Don't just accept all the works. Take a look at it, think about it, ask yourself can you do it? Only then accept or Reject a job. You also need to watch their deadline before you accept. For example if someone is asking you to do their job in 3 days and you have lots of work in your hand simply reject that job, no matter how much they pay you.

In addition to this list, your own website can help you on this as well. If you have any website you can create a "Hire Me" page. And Enter your details like what you do best, your pricing, contact details etc. But never add what you can't do. I t spoils negativity. If you get some offers which you can't complete, Simply reply you are busy. But don't forget to reply, your behavior will decide you future in this business.

What are you doing to be successful in freelancing? Please let us know in the comment field.


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