How Does a Computer Keyboard Work?

The current keyboard layout, or the QWERTY layout, which is based on the layout of the typewriter, was designed not to increase the speed of typing, but to slow it down in order to avoid typewriters from jamming.

A computer keyboard is a hardware device that functions in accordance with the instructions provided by the user. It comprises circuits, switches, and processors that help in transferring keystroke messages to the computer. In today's technology-driven world, everyone is aware about computing, and how to use a PC. We all know that the keyboard is an input device that functions in accordance to the instructions of the user. It is used for performing various tasks, such as typing on a word processor or text editor, accessing menus, and playing games. In this article, we take a closer look at how computer keyboards work.

Types of Keyboards

This device has not undergone too much of a transformation ever since it was introduced. Additional keys have been added, and of course, and it is available in a customized version in every electronic appliance with practically the same format (save a few keys here and there), like the laptop, iPad, smartphones, etc. However, some of the most common keyboards are:

  • 82-key Apple standard keyboard

  • 108-key Apple Extended keyboard

  • 101-key Enhanced keyboard

  • 104-key Windows keyboard