Basics Of Html

What is HTML?
HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
HTML describes the structure of Web pages using markup
HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages
HTML elements are represented by tags
HTML tags label pieces of content such as "heading", "paragraph", "table", and so on
Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but use them to render the content of the page

What is Removable media?

Removable media is any type of storage device that can be removed from a computer while the system is running. Examples of removable media include CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, as well as diskettes and USB drives. Removable media makes it easy for a user to move data from one computer to another.

In a storage context, the main advantage of removable disks is that they can deliver the fast data backup and recovery times associated with storage area networks (SANs) while also providing the portability of tape that may be required to meet corporate backup and recovery requirements. The main drawback of removable media is that it's more expensive than tape.


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Basics Of Html

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